Surefire FirePack


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  The ultra-powerful FirePak from SureFire, is always ready when you need it. With tough polymer construction a max 1500 lumens and the ability to recharge your mobile devices ... its the perfect illumination tool for any emergency situation.

This sophisticated device also has a bluetooth app to let you control the device remotely.

With SureFire's MaxVision beam you can project a dispersed light pattern to fill any room or area.

This powerful multi function illumination tool can project light to 50 feet and can be used to light up pictures or video at night.

With FirePak by SureFire you will be ready for any situation.

The FirePak pulls triple duty as a bright video light source, charger for your phone or electronics, and powerful handheld light. It will be indispensable for anyone with a smartphone. Own the night with the FirePak.

Output / Runtime -- White Light
  • High 1,500 Lumens / 1.75 Hours*
  • Low 100 Lumens / 10.25 Hours*
Length 4.6 inches
Weight 4.5 oz


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