Leatherman Sheath Nylon


SKU : LEA - Sheath Nylon



Protect your multi-tool with these Nylon Sheaths. Every detail has been thought through to ensure these Sheaths are long-lasting, dependable, and easy to use. A high-grade metal rivet snap closes tightly and keeps your tool secure. They're made out of durable, ballistic nylon and elastic with reinforced stitching for improved accessibility and fit.

Fits 1.75" wide belt and smaller.

Size Guide
Small: Fits Juice, Leap
Medium: Fits Free P2, Charge, Crunch, Kick, Rebar, Rev, Sidekick, Skeletool, Wave, Wingman
Large: Fits Free P4, Signal, Super Tool, Surge

Internal Capacity
Small: 3.25" x 1.25"x .75"
Medium: 4.25" x 1.5" x .8"
Large: 4.75" x 1.5" x .8"

  • Juice B2
  • Juice® CS4
  • Juice® S2
  • Juice® SX
  • Leap™
  • Charge®+
  • Crunch®
  • Rebar®
  • Rev™
  • Sidekick®
  • Skeletool®
  • Wave®+
  • Wingman®
  • Signal®
  • Super Tool® 300
  • Surge®
  • Kick®
  • FREE™ P2
  • FREE™ P4
  • Topo Signal®
  • Charge®+ Damascus Carbon
  • Charge®+ Damascus
  • Charge®+ G10
  • 2H Wave®+


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