Magpul MBUS Pro Sight - Front


SKU : Magpul MBUS Pro Sight - Front


    The MBUS (Magpul® Back-Up Sight) Pro is a corrosion-resistant all-steel back-up sighting solution that delivers maximum functionality and strength with minimum bulk at a price that's even smaller than its size.

    The dual aperture, windage adjustable rear and no-tool, elevation adjustable front excel in all 1913 Picatinny rail mounting applications, including rail-height gas blocks. Positive detents keep the MBUS Pro Front and Rear at standard AR sight height when deployed, and so low when they are stowed that you'll never notice them until they're needed. Narrow width front sight is compatible with most IR aiming laser and light installations for the professional user.

Made in the USA.

  • Position   Front
  • Height above rail, stowed   ~0.43 in. max
  • Length, stowed   1.6 in.
  • Weight   1.5 oz.
  • Other Specs    COMPATIBILITY

                                   Mounts on any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny/STANAG 4694 rail including receiver-height gas blocks.

                                   ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT
                               ~1 MOA (1.131"/100m) per click with a 14.5" sight radius
                               ~0.7 MOA (0.820"/100m) per click with a 20" sight radius
                              *NOTE:  All MBUS Pro Front Sights now come factory-equipped with the Enhanced Front Sight Post. There is no                                            need   to order one separately unless you are retrofitting an older MBUS Pro front sight. Enhanced Front Site Posts                                        are  not compatible with standard MBUS polymer sights.


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