Emerson Kwaiken


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The Tactical Kwaiken knife by Emerson Knives is back by popular demand- this time as a normal production run. The Kwaiken was originally one of our most popular Signature Series knives and demand far outgrew our supply. That's why in 2018 we decided to bring it back to fulfill the needs of the many. The Kwaiken was inspired by Japanese Samurai weaponry, and you can see it in the slim, sleek detail.

  • Blade Length:  3.9 in.
  • Handle:  G-10
  • Overall Length:  9.0 in.
  • Lock:  Titanium
  • Thickness: . 125 in.
  • Blade:  154CM
  • Hardness:  57-59RC
  • Grind:  Conventional V-Grind w/ Chisel Edge
  • Weight:  5 oz.
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