Emerson Rendezvous


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The Rendezvous

    Since the beginning of this country, rugged men have ventured west seeking fame, fortune or maybe just for the pure sense of adventure. Traveling by foot, many times they traveled hundreds of miles into virgin forests covering mountains of uncharted wilderness. Carving out their existence in the solitude of the lonely wilderness these men would often go months without ever seeing another human being.

    Except for the Rendezvous. The Rendezvous was a gathering that all the trappers, hunters and mountain men attended to trade, sell and barter their goods. It was a place to gather up supplies and it was a place to celebrate. The Rendezvous became the event where stories were told, news was passed, exploits were embellished and gallons of whiskey were downed. Stories of these wild get togethers quickly became legends of their own.

    The Emerson Rendezvous Knife is very much like the knives those intrepid wanderers always kept at their side. The biggest difference is that our Rendezvous is a folding version of that mountain man tested blade design, just like the ones men like Jim Bridger, “Old Bill” Williams, Hatchet Jack, and Flat Top Thomas would have carried (Thomas was scalped). This knife will take care of any hunting, camping or skinning chore you may face with ease. Get one, take it with you on your next adventure and when you’re sitting next to your campfire, pull it out and just imagine what Liver-Eating Johnson would say if he was there and you handed it to him.

  • Blade Length:  3.6 in.
  • Handle:  G-10
  • Overall Length:  8.6 in.
  • Lock:  Titanium
  • Thickness: . 125 in.
  • Blade:  154CM
  • Hardness:  57-59RC
  • Grind:  Conventional V
  • Blade Finish:  Stonewashed