Boker Hawkit Axe Knife


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  At first glance, an axe as a neck knife may be puzzling. But anyone who first picks up the Böker Plus Hawkit from Jon Graham instantly realizes that this is indeed a tool to be taken seriously. While splitting wood and cutting down trees is admittedly not the domain of the Neck Axe, the Hawkit is a real helper as a small knife, nail puller, mini crowbar, bottle opener, and for loosening shackles or holding bits. 440C blade steel, symmetric grind. Shipped with kydex sheath and ball chain.

Type:   Axe / Tomahawk
Overall Length:  3,74 in
Blade Length:     0,98 in
Blade Thickness:  0,12 in
Weight:    1,52 oz
Designer: John Graham
Blade Material:     440C
Handle Material:  Stainless Steel
Color:  Silver
Item Number:   09BO098

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