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Boker Slyde-R


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John Kubasek is well known for his unusual designs and often extremely flat builds. The Boker Plus Slyde-R follows this concept, surprising with a floating blade that is unlocked with a button and pushed out of the front of the handle. The unusual knife is locked with the same button, which makes it very easy and intuitive to handle. The satinized blade consists of 440C and has a one-sided grind to fit perfectly into the G10 handle. Comes with a ball chain. Without clip.

Type:  Pocket Knife
Overall Length:  5,47 in
Blade Length:     2,17 in
Blade Thickness:  0,04 in
Weight:  1,08 oz
Blade Material:    440C
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type:  Push Button
Color:  Black
Item Number:  01BO259

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