Boker Neck Wedge


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   Canadian knifemaker Brent Beshara is known for his unique blade style called the Besh-Wedge, which uses the full thickness of blade material completely up to the blade tip, providing maximum stability. The Boker Plus Neck Wedge transfers this concept to the world of the comfortable-to-carry neck knives. The blade steel is 440C stainless, getting optimum corrosion resistance by a titanium coating. Handle enhancing G10 scales and a Kydex sheath complete the package and provide the demanding user with a professional tactical tool.

Type:   Fixed Blade
Overall Length:   7,28 in
Blade Length:      4,21 in
Blade Thickness: 0,12 in
Weight: 2,36 oz
Designer:  Brent Beshara
Blade Material:    440C
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type:  Fixed
Color:  Black
Item Number:  02BO275

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