Boker Wildcat


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   Boris Manasherov's outstanding feel for the ergonomics and handling of a knife is also fully on display on the Wildcat. The Kerambit compels with perfect handling, while the ball-bearing supported D2 blade can either be opened softly with the thumb hole or quickly and authoritatively with the flipper. The reversible clip (l/r) provides a secure pocket seat that still leaves the ring accessible above the pocket hem for a quick draw. Linerlock mechanism. Stainless steel liners with G10 scales.

Type:  Pocket Knife
Overall Length:   7,28 in
Blade Length:      2,80 in
Blade Thickness: 0,13 in
Weight:   4,55 oz
Designer:  Boris Manasherov
Blade Material:     D2
Handle Material:  G10
Opener:  Flipper
Lock Type:  Linerlock
Color:  Black
Item Number: 01BO772

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