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   The Boker Plus GITFO by DJ Urbanovsky is a very minimalist knife that provides superior carry comfort due to its low-profile and compact full-steel design. The ring on the pommel ensure countless grip and handling options and makes the GIFTO into an outstanding backup that cannot only be worn on the belt but can just as easily work as a large neck knife. In combination with the ring, the grooves and riffling on the handle and blade ensure well-conceived ergonomics. Made from 440C, with stonewash finish. Including slim kydex sheath and ball chain.

Type: Fixed Blade
Overall Length: 6,89 in
Blade Length: 2,91 in
Blade Thickness: 0,19 in
Weight: 2,40 oz
Designer: DJ Urbanovsky
Blade Material: 440C
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Lock Type: Fixed
Color: Silver
Item Number: 02BO057

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