Boker Tantodashi


SKU : Boker Tantodashi


    Sam Eddleman from Washington had us hooked at first glance with the Tantodashi. The rugged neck knife has a thick 440C blade whose shape combines the elements of the Tanto and the Kiridashi, accentuating these with the two-tone finish. The geometry follows the grind and is proof for the extraordinary durability of the blade point. The G10 handle scales and the deep index finger groove provide extremely good and secure handling even for the compact size. Shipped with kydex sheath and ball chain.

Type:  Fixed Blade
Overall Length:   5,04 in
Blade Length:      2,44 in
Blade Thickness: 0,15 in
Weight:  2,40 oz
Blade Material:  440C
Handle Material:  G10
Lock Type:  Fixed
Color:  Black
Item Number:  02BO003

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