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Cold Steel Drop Forged Push Dagger


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The newest addition to our Drop Forged Series, the Drop Forged Push Knife, is arguably the strongest push knife on the market. The largest of the push knives in our catalog, it’s extremely sturdy and features razor-sharp double edges and a thick, wide, sturdy spear point. Perfect for tactical and law enforcement professionals, you can confidently conceal the Drop Forged Push Knife courtesy of its Secure-Ex sheath with adjustable tension and American-made Ulti-Clip.


  • PART #  36MJ
  • WEIGHT  7.9 oz.
  • THICKNESS  9mm
  • HANDLE  2 3/4" Long
  • STEEL / MATERIAL  52100 High Carbon
  • OVERALL   6 3/4"
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE   Grey Teflon Coated Blade. Secure-Ex™ Sheath with Ulti-Clip

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