Spyderco Cricket


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   Thin is in. We've made our long-favored Cricket model even thinner by integrating the handle and lock. Custom knifemaker Chris Reeve invented the idea of making a linerlock's liner out of backside scale of the handle. In doing this, thickness and bulk are shaved off the handle for an ultra-thin folder that locks up confidently with fewer moving lock parts.

   We've incorporated this design into a rounded handle with a reverse "S" shaped blade. The distinctive blade shape curves into a keen precision tip for intricate/detailed cutting. Made of VG-10 stainless steel, the blade is hollow-ground and when folded closed creates a rounded package that rides nearly invisibly in the pocket. The pocket clip carries right-handed tip-down but also attaches to a tie or makes a fashionable money clip. Create your own one of a kind Cricket with engraving, corporate logos or a personal message.

  • Overall Length  4.75" (117mm)
  • Blade Length  1.875" (47.5mm)
  • Steel  VG-10
  • Closed Length  2.75" (70mm)
  • Edge Length     1.625" (41mm)
  • Weight   1.75oz (49.5g)
  • Blade Thickness   .078" (2mm)
  • Handle   Stainless Steel
  • Clip Position   Right
  • Tip Carry Position   Tip-Down
  • Lock Type   R.I.L.
  • Grind     Hollow
  • Sheath   N/A
  • Origin   Japan

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