Hazard4 Tonto 3L




Black Coyote


    Sometimes a small bag is all you need, or all that fits in tight quarters. This is where your Sidekick™ Tonto™ shines. It has lots of organizational features, a rugged exterior, and modular expandability. It’s also equipped with multiple concealed-carry areas, so it won’t leave those who go into harm’s way unprotected.

_ thoughtful dimensions maximize small-volume use
_ unique 3-D flap-pocket for fast access on the run (no flap on Grayman version)
_ large velcro patch area for i.d.’s, logos, etc.
_ large, locking front-buckle adds security
_ tough-material on flap-front in the high-use area
_ rubbery, vented handle for secure wet-grip (not on Grayman version)
_ two sets of strap D-rings for flap over/under use (not on Grayman version)
_ modular MOLLE under flap can double capacity (not on Grayman version)
_ the flap hides gear mounted on (MOLLE) below (not on Grayman version)
_ adjustable main-compartment padded-divider
_ large 3-D side-pouch w/ MOLLE & metal snap-hook (Grayman version has 2 side pouches)
_ side pouch fits up to a soda can while closed
_ vented/MOLLE-topped-pad strap w/ stabilizer
_ with strap removed it is a large first-aid kit, etc. (not removable on Grayman version)
_ side MOLLE over flat pocket for custom pouches (not on Grayman version)
_ can fit an iPad Mini® or similar but not the larger
   iPad Pro® - please check the dimensions of your
   device against the bag's to see if it will fit.

What's Included: 
_ 1x Padded shoulder strap (shoulder strap is not removable on Grayman version)
_ 1x 1" Stabilizer strap (not on Grayman version)
_ 1x Hazard 4® removable velcro logo-patch (Grayman version version is sewn-on)
_ 1x Removable velcro-backed panel (Grayman version only)

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