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The Steel Tiger is a thoroughly modern tactical interpretation of the Indonesian Karambit. A design collaboration between Lynn C. Thompson and the late custom knife maker Steven Likarich, the Steel Tiger was designed to possess all the best features of this iconic hooked blade and to integrate them seamlessly with modern materials and styling. The Steel Tiger's deeply curved and needle sharp AUS 8A stainless steel blade is vacuum heat-treated and sub-zero quenched, taper ground and given a stone wash finish for maximum strength, cutting power, edge retention and performance. The durable Griv-Ex core handle fully encapsulates the tang, emerging to create the bolster, thumb-shelf and distinctive finger ring. This core is then injection over-molded with premium Kray-Ex™, creating a superb, non-slip grip that won't let you down even in when your hands are cold or wet. For safety and convenience the Steel Tiger comes with a Military style Secure-Ex sheath that you can lash to your gear or retain on your person via the removable boot/belt clip.

  •  Weight:   5oz
  •  Blade Thickness:   5mm
  •  Blade Length:   4-3/4"
  •  Blade Steel:   Japanese AUS8A Stainless w/ Stonewashed Finish
  •  Handle Length/Material:   5" Griv-Ex™ with over-molded Kray-Ex™
  •  Overall Length:   8-3/4"
  •  Additional Features:   Secure-Ex® Sheath
  •  Knife Type:   Fixed
  •  Blade Length Range:   3-5 in
  •  Steel Family:   AUS
  •  Blade Shape:   Karambit
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