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If you're in the Military or Law Enforcement; if you ride horses or motorcycles; or live on a ranch or a farm - then the Cold Steel Peace Maker is for you! Clipped to the top of your boot and covered by your pant leg, these versatile fixed blades are rendered virtually invisible; furthermore, your knife is always easily accessible when you need it. The Peace Makers are astoundingly light and substantially thinner than many of the "tactical" knives available on the market today. The Peace Makers compound - ground blade bevels makes them very easy to re-sharpen, and their stiff, distal tapered points are capable of piercing even thick material. As these inexpensive boot blades offer a wide spectrum of uses - utility, hunting, fishing, emergency rescue and survival and of course self-defense - and our ambidextrous polymer sheaths with custom-made, stainless steel belt clips make them effortless to carry.


  •  Weight:  5.4oz
  •  Blade Thickness:  3mm
  •  Blade Length:  5-1/2"
  •  Blade Steel:  German 4116 Stainless Cryo Quenched
  •  Handle Length/Material:  4-3/4" Kray-Ex™
  •  Overall Length:  10-1/4"
  •  Additional Features:  Secure-Ex® Sheath
  •  Knife Type:  Fixed
  •  Blade Length Range:  5+ in
  •  Steel Family:  German Steels
  •  Blade Shape:  Clip Point
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