Maxpedition M-2 WAISTPACK




Black OD Green Foliage-Green Khaki


Phone & camera waistpack

   The M-2 Waistpack (#0308) is Maxpedition™s smallest modular pocket, offering even lower profile than the best-selling M-1. The front snap compartment will fit a cellphone or flashlight while the main compartment, with three small pack cloth subdividers, is the right size for GPS, small radio, digital camera, or an 8 oz. soda can.

Two pen slots hold writing utensils or sunglasses. The M-2 Waistpack can be used as a stand-alone belt pouch or can be integrated to ALICE or MOLLE type webbing using a pair of 3" TacTie™ (sold separately).

   Product Features
Overall Size: 3.5"(L) x 2.5"(W) x 5.5"(H)
Front Pocket: 3"(L) x 0.5"(W) x 4.5"(H)
Main Compartment: 3"(L) x 1.75"(W) x 5"(H)
Belt: 2.5 in Closed Loop w/ Cache
Attach: 3" TacTie™ (sold separately)

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