Maxpedition Tactical Travel Tray




Black OD Green Foliage-Green Khaki


   Ever been unable to find your car keys or cellphone right as you were heading out the door to that important meeting? We've all been there. Our Tactical Travel Tray keeps all your essentials and valuables in one place. Keep keys, glasses, and phones from being lost. Lays flat when not in use; easy to pack.

   Product Features
Overall flat size: 12.5"(L) x 11"(H)
Folding Option 1: Engage the 4 sets of adjacent snaps to form tray
Folding Option 2: Mate the pair of snaps on long edges to form taco
Snap-up edges give shape to tray to keep loose items from straying
Elastic retention webbing & slip pocket
Folding tray-style organizer for valuables

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