Vargo Triad Alcohol Stove


SKU : VAR-T-301


The Original, Lightest, and Most Compact

It’s the Vargo original that started it all! The Triad is still one of the lightest and best alcohol stoves on the market. For a scant ounce you get top alcohol stove performance with the strength, durability, and weight savings of titanium. Upgrade to the tried and true Triad and see what you’ve been missing.

•Weight: 1.0 ounce (28 grams)
•Burner diameter: 2.4 inches (60mm)
•Burner diameter with pot supports: 3.4 inches (86mm)
•Collapsed height: 1.1 inches (27mm)
•Fuel capacity: 1.5 oz. (44 ml)
•Burn time: ~20 minutes

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