Vargo Titanium Ti-lite Mug 900


SKU : VAR-T-417


Large Capacity Cooking Mug

The larger version of our popular 750 ml Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite 750 Mug, the 900 ml Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite 900 Mug is an ideal cooking solution for weight conscience travelers.

•Titanium construction for lightweight durability
•Vargo original strainer lid with an easy-to-grip heat-resistant knob to prevents burns
•Attached foldaway handles for cooking and packing ease
•Nylon mesh storage bag included

•Capacity: 900 milliliters (30 oz)
•Weight: 4.6 ounces (130 grams)
•Diameter: 4.6 inches (117 mm)
•Height: 3.7 inches (94 mm)

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