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Sentry Tuf Cloth


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Cleans, prevents rust and lubricates without oils or silicones.


Firearms: Rust Protection

  • :Rust Protection for Your Firearms
  • Gun Care: Solving the Problem of Gun Care
  • Replace CLP: CLP Attracts Sand Dust & Dirt, Replace it!

Knives: Rust Protection:

  • Protect Your Knives Against Rust
  • Knife Care: Caring for Your Knife

Marine:Rust Protection:

  • Rust Protection for Your Marine Equipment
  • Fishing tackle: Protect Your Fishing Tackle
  • Saltwater Protection: Protect Against Saltwater

Sport & Other

  • Uses:Rust Protection: Rust Protection for Your Sports and Other Equipment
  • Wood Working: Wood Working
  • Golf: Protect Your Golf Equipment