Sentry Hi Slip Grease 12cc


SKU : Sentry Hi Slip Grease 12cc



A synthetic blend of grease in a easy to use syringe. HI-SLIP GREASE contains the finest micro-bonding lubricants available. Tested and used by NAVY SEALs, to protect expensive, hi-tech firearms and equipment in all temperatures and all environments; from the deserts of Kuwait to the Bering Strait, it reduces friction and protects from -65F to 650F. A light application prevents galling and corrosion of all metals including titanium, stainless steel and aluminum even under high load and extreme conditions.

How it works
HI-SLIP GREASE works by sticking right where it is applied. Sentry Solutions formulated this product with just the amount of tackiness to resist any migration and resist water wash off. Using the handy syringe you can apply precisely the amount needed and know that it will not spread to other areas of your firearms or equipment. When used in combination with Sentry Solutions dry film products (like SMOOTH-KOTE and BP2000 Powder) you are able to tune your firearms for the highest performance and reliability.

Directions for use
Clean surfaces well. Apply a small amount of HI-SLIP GREASE (about the size of a pen tip) with the syringe applica∨ exactly where you want it. Wipe off any excess. Pull back on syringe plunger to draw grease out of nozzle and replace cap. When applying to larger surfaces such as slide rails or threads on choke tubes, use a swab or similar to spread a thin film on the areas to be protected. Always wipe off any excess to avoid mess and contamination of surrounding areas. 


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