T-Resign Medium 36" Retractable Tethers - Carabiner


SKU : T-Resign Medium 36" Retractable Tethers - Car



   Boomerang Tool Company's premium line of Retractable Hunting Gear Tethers are built in the USA with a strong molded hunter green polycarbonate case, stainless steel spring and convenient easy change end fittings so you can change your tools with just a pinch. Using the universal wire end fitting, attach your hunting gear to the tough retractable cord made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber. When your tether is secure, grab your gear and let it go, the built-in tether retracts back into place until you need it again. With Boomerang Retractable Hunting Gear Tethers your rangefinder, gps and other hunting gear will be always handy and never lost.


  • Made in the USA and proven to last more than 1-million pulls
  • Small gear tether retracts up to 4 oz. and has a 24" reach
  • Medium gear tether retracts up to 6 oz. and has a 36" reach
  • Large gear tether retracts up to 8 oz. and has a 48" reach
  • Xtreme Duty gear tether retractus up to 14 oz. and has a 36" reach
  • Heavy Duty aramid fiber cord with an 80 lb. minimum breaking strength
  • Lightweight and shatter resistant green polycarbonate case
  • Large and Xtreme duty gear tethers have a lock switch to stop retraction
  • Protected by a 1-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Service Policy


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