Gear Aid Camo Form - Mossy Oak Obsession


SKU : Gear Aid Camo Form - Mossy Oak Obsession


The Camo Form Self-Cling Wrap instantly camouflages firearms, knife handles, binoculars, flashlights and more. Besides covering gear, it quiets clanking objects and protects it from scratches in the field. One roll (2”x144”) is all you need to cover a standard rifle. Previously a Mcnett Tactical product, this reusable fabric wrap leaves no sticky residue when removed and is washable for multiple use. Camo Form conforms to almost any shape and adds grip and shield hands from hot or cold surfaces to protect you and your equipment. With a variety of popular patterns available, you’ll be sure to find the right camouflage to match any outdoor environment.

  • Conceal and protect guns, scopes, knives and equipment with this self-clinging and adhesive-free camouflage wrap
  • Keep clanking objects quiet using this heavy duty stretch fabric wrap; one roll (2”x144”) covers one standard rifle or shotgun
  • Wash and reuse wrap multiple times and it will not leave a sticky residue when removed; available in various camo patterns
  • Improve grip and insulate hands with this versatile wrap that conforms to any shape
  • Packaging may vary

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