Gear Aid PT Pod Towel (20"x32")


SKU : Gear Aid PT Pod Towel (20"x32")


   The McNett Tactical PT Pod is a microfiber towel that’s super absorbent and designed to dry faster than regular towels. Use it during long workouts and physical fitness training. Weighing just under 4 oz, it’s a lightweight and compact towel that folds into itself (4.5”x6”) so you can bring it wherever you go – to the gym, camp or on trips. It also features a snap loop for easy drying and a zippered pocket to store valuables when exercising. An antimicrobial silver treatment ensures the towel stays fresh longer in between washings. Toss the PT Pod in your workout bag or attach it to exercise equipment to ensure you’ll always have a towel nearby.

  • Dry off fast during a workout or fitness routine with this absorbent microfiber towel; absorbs five times its weight in water
  • Bring this lightweight 20”x32” towel everywhere; packs away into a small 4. 5”x6” sewn-in pocket and weighs under 4 oz.
  • Hang it with the snap loop for easy drying whether at the gym or camping; use it for sports, exercise and travel
  • Use it longer and wash it less frequently since silver treatment stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Packaging may vary

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