Gear Aid Paracord 100ft with Carabiner


SKU : Gear Aid Paracord 100ft with Carabiner


Bring this versatile 550 Paracord on your next outdoor adventure. Use it as a utility cord, survival bracelet, or tie-down rope. Made of 100% nylon, the 7-strand cord is strong enough to withstand the elements and can be untied for other uses at camp. Available in camo, orange, and reflective black and orange, it’s a cord that can easily be seen outside and used for all types of jobs. When used with the carabiner, packs, lanterns and provisions are quickly suspended and off the ground – making camp organization stress-free.

  • Heavy-duty 550 paracord made of 100% nylon featuring 7 strand construction that unravels and can be used as fishing line, fire starter, thread, or floss
  • Includes carabiner for easy attachment options to hang backpacks, lights and water bottles
  • Multipurpose 4 mm utility cord is great for camping, backpacking, emergencies and survival; use to secure tents and tarps, suspend a clothesline or hang a bear bag (100 ft paracord recommended)
  • Craft it into a survival bracelet, paracord dog collar, knife lanyard, or handle wrap
  • Available in 30 feet in a variety of colors, including: camo, orange, reflective black and reflective orange for high visibility when outdoors


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