Pantac Vest XPC


SKU : Pantac Vest XPC


   Evolution of two of our best-selling products, the XPC is a no-nonesense plate carrier that is designed to be extremely modular. The base model is easy to don and doff, while holding life-saving plates. Optional MOLLE cummerbunds expand real estate for additional pouches, side-plate pockets, or whatever else you might need to fulfill your mission.

  • - Ultra light-weight but yet comfortable base system for every day deployment
  • - Scalable, modular design allows you to expand as your mission requirements change.
  • - Kangaroo pouch can utilize optional mag divider or used as accessory storage
  • - Secure, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for comfort fitting.
  • - Air flow channel keeps wearer cool. Optional Velcro pillows or spacers can further extend comfort to long period of patrols.

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