CRKT Linchpin Deadbolt


SKU : CRKT Linchpin Deadbolt


   Drive it into your workday and it’ll bring BS to a screeching halt.

Hot on the heels of the Seismic™, Flavio Ikoma is at it again with a solid, no-nonsense everyday carry folding knife built on utility without compromising on aesthetics. The defining feature: Deadbolt®. Put it to the big jobs—dig into a pork loin or carve a wooden stake—and it won’t flinch.

  • Innovative Deadbolt® Locking Mechanism is Simple to Use and Provides Incredible Strength
  • Flipper Opening Combined with IKBS™ Ball Bearing Pivot System Deploys the Blade Smooth and Fast
  • Durable Glass Reinforced Nylon Handle is Lightweight with Excellent Grip


  • Blade Length 3.73" (94.84 mm)
  • Blade Edge  Plain
  • Blade Steel  1.4116
  • Blade Finish  Satin
  • Blade Thickness  0.15" (3.84 mm)
  • Overall Length  8.88" (225.43 mm)
  • Closed Length  5.26" (133.63 mm)
  • Weight  6.20 oz. (175.77g)
  • Handle  Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Style  Folding Knife w/Deadbolt® Lock

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