CRKT Hissatsuk Folder


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When Danger Unfolds, It Does Too.

   The Hissatsu™ Folder is a tactical knife with patented Outburst® spring assisted opening and automated liner safety, this knife is ready when the action heats up.

   The legendary Hissatsu™ series of knives designed by James Williams, of Encinitas, CA, have become the go to mission tools of Special Forces professionals worldwide. Designed for close quarter battle environs, this knife is equipped with automated liner safety, the locking liner innovation taken to the next level. Automated liner safety automatically sets a pin between the locking liner and the frame. This pin acts as an additional layer of safety, so the locking liner is less likely to disengage during use. To close the knife, pull the lever back, slide the locking liner over, and fold the blade into the closed position. Battle on.


  • Blade Length  3.88" (98.43 mm)
  • Blade Edge     Plain
  • Blade Steel     AUS 8
  • Blade Finish   Corrosion Resistant Coating
  • Blade Thickness   0.16" (4.06 mm)
  • Overall Length     8.75" (222.25 mm)
  • Closed Length      5.00" (127.00 mm)
  • Weight   5.80 oz. (164.43g)
  • Handle  Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Style      Folding Knife w/Liner Lock

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