CRKT Techliner Pen


SKU : CRKT Techliner Pen


Your job’s too important for a drugstore pen.

   Bring along a pen that sticks around. The Techliner™ pen is built to impress with a sleek, ergonomically machined body and magnetic ends that stick solidly to clipboards, desk legs, and workbenches so it’s always within arm’s reach.
  • Magnetic Ends Secure Cap and Allow for Attaching to Surfaces
  • 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum is Strong and Lightweight
  • Includes Fisher Space Pen® Black Ink Cartridge (Refill #PR4)


  • Overall Length  5.063" (128.6 mm)
  • Weight   1.00 oz. (28.35g)
  • Handle   6061 Aluminum
  • Style      Accessory
  • Pen Diameter  0.47" (11.86 mm)
  • Pen Weight     1.40 oz. (39.69g)
  • Pen Handle     6061 Aluminum
  • Pen Refill       Fisher Space Pen #PR4 Cartridge


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