CRKT Williiams Pen II


SKU : CRKT Williiams Pen II


Designed by James Williams in Encinitas, California
Looks can be deceiving. A situation that calls for self defense is, by nature, unexpected. The smartest are those who think ahead. That’s where the James Williams Defense Pen II comes into play. Disguised as a sophisticated writing instrument, its defense end carries a powerful punch. This is subtlety at its finest.
  • 6061 Aircraft aluminum, Type III Anodizing for Durability
  • Fisher Space Pen Ink Cartridge for Smooth Writing at any Angle or Temperature
  • Low Profile


  • Blade Steel  6061 Aircraft aluminum
  • Overall Length   5.94" (150.83 mm)
  • Closed Length    5.94" (150.83 mm)
  • Weight   1.40 oz. (39.69g)
  • Handle   6061 Aluminum
  • Style      Accessory
  • Pen Refill   Fisher Space Pen® Black Ink Cartridge (Refill #PR4)

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