Cold Steel Drop Forged Boots


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The Drop Forged Boot Knife is a knife designed for concealed carry. With a keen double-edged 5” blade and needle sharp tip, it’s a substantial and shockingly effective last ditch self-defense tool, but thanks to its slim profile and one-piece construction it carries remarkably flat without “printing”. The Drop Forged Boot Knife is strong, sharp, and thanks to its handle-heavy design it has tremendous piercing power. Each Boot Knife comes complete with a Secure-Ex sheath and an integral Ulti-Clip™ * for superior, reliable retention whether in a boot or clipped to a waistband. *Made in America from 1075 Spring Steel, the Ulti-Clip™ offers extremely secure retention and increased concealable potentia

  • PART #  36MB
  • WEIGHT  6.4
  • THICKNESS  4.5mm
  • HANDLE  4" Long
  • STEEL / MATERIAL  52100 High Carbon
  • OVERALL  9"
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE   Secure-Ex™ Sheath