Cold Steel Drop Forged Battle Ring


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   If you’re relying on your knife in a self-defense emergency, you shouldn’t need to fumble around to access it, or risk having it wrested away. If that’s your situation, consider our Drop Forged Battle Ring II. It’s drop forged, like the other knives in this series from a single piece of steel, has twin razor sharp edges with a needle point, an integral guard, and a finger ring. Its grip is sized for nearly any hand, and it’s precisely contoured to prevent slipping. It can accommodate eight different grip styles, and it’s easy and quick to draw when you’re in a hurry. Plus, it has the strength to double as a skull crusher or “iron knuckle”. It comes with a cut resistant, Secure-Ex® sheath that features a state of the art Ulti-Clip™ *, making it a steadfast companion you don’t want to be without.


  • PART #   36MF
  • WEIGHT   7.5 oz.
  • THICKNESS   6.5mm
  • BLADE LENGTH3   1/2”
  • HANDLE5   1/2" Long
  • STEEL / MATERIAL  52100 high Carbon
  • OVERALL   9"
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE   Grey Teflon Coated Blade. Secure-Ex™ Sheath with Ulti-Clip

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