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Cold Steel Trench Hawk


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   The Cold Steel Trench Hawk features a sharp cutting edge and wedge-style spike, offering numerous tactical “options” for our nation’s modern warriors. Drop forged from 5150 carbon steel and differentially hardened, the head of the Trench Hawk will withstand tremendous blows as well as the awful stress of prolonged hard use.The handle of our Trench Hawk is highly resistant to shock and will withstand abuse that would break even a tough hickory handle. And, as an added benefit, is easily and cheaply replaced when finally worn out from repeated throwing.*The Trench Hawk comes complete with a patented articulated Secure-Ex sheath.


  • PART #  90PTH
  • WEIGHT   29 oz.
  • BLADE  LENGTH3 1/2”
  • HANDLE  Polypropylene
  • STEEL / MATERIAL   Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
  • OVERALL   19"
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE   Durable Secure-Ex™ Sheath. Replacements Handle Available (#H90PTH)

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