Spyderco Hunter Pacer


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   The Hundred Pacer is a truly unique folding knife design inspired by a deadly Taiwanese viper with a distinctive “horned” nose. Its venom is reputedly so toxic that a person bitten by it could only walk a hundred paces before expiring. Designed by knife enthusiast Jonny Liao, the Spyderco Hundred Pacer translates the sweeping lines of the snake’s head into a broad, dramatically curved, full-flat-ground blade. The satin-finished PlainEdge™ blade is crafted from premium CTS® XHP powder metallurgy stainless steel and features a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole™ for swift, positive, one-handed opening with either hand.

   To replicate the look and feel of the snake’s skin, the knife’s stunning handle scales are meticulously machined from layered G-10 to create a non-slip texture and contrasting color pattern. Skeletonized stainless steel liners nested within the scales complement the handle’s open-backed construction to minimize the knife’s weight, while providing a solid foundation for its sturdy LinerLock mechanism. A reversible deep-pocket wire clip supports discreet, ambidextrous, tip-up carry and keeps the Hundred Pacer poised and instantly accessible.

  • Overall Length  9.21" (234mm)
  • Blade Length  4.00" (102mm)
  • Steel   CTS XHP
  • Closed Length  5.21" (132mm)
  • Edge Length   3.97" (101mm)
  • Weight  5.2oz (147g)
  • Blade Thickness  0.138" (3.5mm)
  • Handle  G-10
  • Clip Position   Ambi
  • Tip Carry PositionTip-  Up
  • Lock Type  LinerLock
  • GrindFull   -Flat
  • Sheath   N/A
  • Origin  Taiwan

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