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SKU : Spyderco ClipiTool Small


   Spyderco’s ClipiTools are a special breed of tool that combine a high-performance cutting edge with the added convenience and functionality of other tools—all in a pocket-friendly, clip-carried package that keeps them instantly accessible. ClipiTools feature precision all-stainless-steel construction with superior fit, finish, and attention to detail. They all feature a non-locking primary blade with broad, full-flat-ground profile for superior cutting performance. A forefinger choil (finger groove) at the base of the blade protects against accidental closure during use and ensures a secure, easily controlled grip.

   The ClipiTool Scissors features a handy pair of folding scissors. Both the scissors and the tool’s knife blade include Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole™ for easy two-handed opening without fear of breaking a fingernail.

  • Overall Length   4.59/4.60" (117mm)
  • Blade Length     2.02/2.03" (51/52mm)
  • Steel   8Cr13MoV
  • Closed Length 2.57" (65mm)
  • Edge Length    1.75/0.95" (44/24mm)
  • Weight   1.9oz (54g)
  • Blade Thickness   0.079/0.043" (2.0/1.1mm)
  • Handle   Stainless Steel
  • Clip Position   Right
  • Tip Carry PositionTip  -Up
  • Lock    TypeN/A
  • GrindFull   -Flat
  • Sheath   N/A
  • Origin   China

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