Spyderco Pacific Salt 2


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   A dynamic combination of the third-generation Endura® one-piece handle design and the ultra-corrosion-resistant properties of H-1 steel, the original Pacific Salt was an incredibly capable full-service folding knife. What it lacked, however, were the improvements that made the current Endura 4 even better than its predecessor.

   The Pacific Salt 2 includes a high-traction Bi-Directional Texture™ pattern, enhanced handle ergonomics, and a versatile four-position pocket clip. In addition to these features, this knife integrates an H-1 blade with a linerless handle in a shining example of our passion for Constant Quality Improvement (C.Q.I.). This knife was born to perform in and around the water.

  • Overall Length  8.72" (221mm)
  • Blade Length     3.78" (96mm)
  • Steel   H-1
  • Closed Length  4.98" (126mm)
  • Edge Length   3.39" (86mm)
  • Weight   2.9oz (82g)
  • Blade Thickness  0.114" (2.9mm)
  • Handle   FRN
  • Clip Position  Ambi
  • Tip Carry Position   4-position
  • Lock Type   Back Lock
  • Grind   Hollow
  • Sheath  N/A
  • Origin  Japan 

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