Hazard4 Defense Courier 9L


SKU : Hazard4 Defense Courier 9L


_ perfectly sized dimensions for the most common loads
_ padded laptop sleeve carrier fits up to 15" laptops
_ front/side web arrays to add a layer of custom gear
_ inside loop-patch for holsters, patches, organizers (on laptop sleeve)
_ locking mil-spec polymer buckles to discourage pickpockets
_ internal main-cargo-bay sidewall-pockets for magazines, bottles, etc.
_ front loop fastener patch area for patches or our optional i.d. carrier
_ heavy-duty shoulder strap with pad and side stabilizer-strap
_ full-organizer for pens, knives, lights, magazines, s.d. cards, etc.
_ top-flap underside is a weatherproof clear document/map window
_ inside main-bay corner loops for fastening our optional divider panel
_ bag flat when unfilled or stored, opens wide for big loads
_ flap zipper allows access to main cargo bay without opening buckles
_ large flat-pocket on flap for fast access to frequently used items

_ messenger-bag, laptop-bag, field-bag, range-bag, bike-bag
   photography-case, schoolbag, escape and evade survival kit, etc.

_ up to a 15” laptop (even in a separate sleeve)
_ folding-stock carbine like H&K G36C (with magazine in)
_ folding/telescopic-stock sub machine guns like H&K MP5
_ ballistic-armor plate (in laptop or main compartment)

Weapon Fits:
_ internal loop-fastener panel for attaching our optional modular holster
_ internal main-cargo-bay sidewall-pockets for grenades, smoke, etc.
_ internal/external wide webbing for belt-slide-type holsters
_ side flat-pockets for paddle-type holsters and STANAG magazines
_ the organizer’s 3 flat pockets hold any full sized auto-pistol

What's Included:
_ 1x Deluxe Shoulder Pad with MOLLE/modular velcro loops
_ 1x 1" Stabilizer strap

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