Fusion Retention Lanyard - Snap Hook + Kong Frog




24 Inches 36 Inches 48 Inches


Black Coyote Brown


LH-32-8001-FORG-CB24     (24 INCHES)
LH-32-8001-FORG-CB36     (36 INCHES)
LH-32-8001-FORG-CB48     (48 INCHES)

- Personal retention lanyard for a helicopter or an extraction mission
- Equipped with MIL-SPEC 5625 tubular webbing
- A Kong Frog quick release snap shackle with a non-reflective black oxide finish on one end and a 5,000 lb rated dual locking snap hook on the other
- 1" wide Internal Elastic Bungee keeps the fully extended length down to approximately 30% and makes it useful for any retention purposes in any industry
- Proudly made in USA
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