Cold Steel BIRD & TROUT




The Bird & Trout knife is a much loved, lightweight tool that is enjoyed by hunters, fisherman and outdoorsmen the world over. Its lightweight one-piece construction and its versatile, ultra-skeletonized sheath make it effortless to carry and a joy to wear all day long. The Bird & Trout's integrated finger ring allows the knife to hang from the finger when not in use, keeping it instantly accessible even when working with cold, wet or bloody hands.Use the bead chain lanyard provided to carry the knife discreetly around your neck, fasten it to your key ring or wallet chain, or utilize a Tek Lok or a Molle compatible adapter (like the offerings by our friends at Blade Tech) to carry the knife on your belt, your L.B.V. or even strapped to a pack.

  •  Weight:   0.8oz
  •  Blade Thickness:   2.5mm
  •  Blade Length:   2-1/4"
  •  Blade Steel:   Japanese AUS8A Stainless w/bead blast finish
  •  Handle Length/Material:   4-1/16"
  •  Overall Length:   6-5/16"
  •  Additional Features:   Secure-Ex® Sheath
  •  Knife Type:   Fixed
  •  Blade Length Range:   1-3 in
  •  Steel Family:   AUS
  •  Blade Shape:   Drop Point

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