CRKT CEO Compact


SKU : crkt - 7095KX


A knife that’s dressed for success.

At first glance, it could be mistaken for a pen tucked into a shirt pocket. That’s exactly how the CEO folding knife was designed. It achieves an extremely low profile without cutting corners on usability and ergonomics. Now available with a black handle, this version brings a new level of refinement to the simple-but-sophisticated appearance the CEO is known for.

  • Smooth Opening:  IKBS™ ball bearing pivot deploys the blade smooth
  • Easy To Sharpen:  High carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well
  • Fast Opening:  Flipper deploys the blade fast
  • Strong and Lightweight:  Glass-reinforced nylon handle is durable and lightweight
  • Easy Closing:  Liner lock can be easily closed with one hand
  • Carry Options:  Adjustable clip for left or right hand carry


  • Blade Steel 1.4116
  • Blade Edge Plain
  • Blade Finish Satin

  • Blade Length 2.61" (66.27 mm)
  • Blade Thickness 0.09" (2.26 mm)
  • Overall Length 6.13" (155.58 mm)
  • Closed Length 3.56" (90.37 mm)
  • Weight 1.60 oz. (45.36 g)

  • Handle Material Glass-Reinforced Nylon
  • Style Folding Knife with Liner Lock
  • Patent Number D931076.

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