5.11 Sierra Bravo Radio Pouch



สี Color :

Black (019)


    Purpose Built
  5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Pouches are the new standard in utility storage for law enforcement professionalstactical operatorsand private security personnel worldwide. Designed to provide maximum durability in any environment and reliable accessibility while on the movethese lightweight pouches are precision engineered for compatibility with all standard Law Enforcement utility formats. A hardened 1680D nylon exterior layer absorbs shock and sheds moisturewhile a high density interior minimizes rattle and keeps your gear stable and secure. If you're looking for the perfect tactical or duty rigmatch up a set of Sierra Bravo Duty Pouches with the Sierra Bravo Duty Beltavailable exclusively from 5.11 Tactical.


Lightweightabrasion resistant
Low rattle design for a stablequiet carry
Compatible with all standard Law Enforcement utility formats
Integrates easily into your existing loadout


Compression molded for durability
Hardened 1680D nylon outer layer
Reinforced high-density interior
Excels in combination with the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Belt


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